374 General Sheridan Lilac white single

Pictures on the right and below should show our available Lilacs of this variety or type (the variety name abreviated on the side of the pot with a paint pen) in 1 and 2 gallon pots (larger sizes may be available for pickup at the plant sale) as of the date in the corner. Click the picture for a larger image that can be studied more closely or saved as wallpaper (if a different picture I will over-write with the inventory picture next spring). You might want to reload this page in case your computer has it cached. Any of these 4 pictures at the top of the page may show a closeup of the flower, cuttings taken from this variety in late spring (in plastic bags), cuttings in spring that have rooted (with the bags removed), the plant that we will take cuttings from after it has been cut back showing that we intend to take cuttings, a division from a larger plant where the root has been cut into seperate pieces in winter (I overwrite these 4 pictures as we need to). We stick 4 cuttings in each 1 gallon pot (then divide them once they are sufficiently rooted). Want to purchase (and check prices)? Contact me.