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Crop #132 Amelanchier 'Glenform' (picture of) Serviceberry, Amelanchier canadensis, zone3, white flowers in spring, zone3, 16'x16', white flowers in spring, foliage gradually changes through a rainbow of colors from green in summer to red in autumn. This is a patented plant that we get from a Nursery that has been licensed to propagate and sell it. We prune by removing dead parts and side branches from the lowest third of the stems.

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If you use this picture in a publication leave it unedited so that credit is given to this web site (showing fall foliage color in October, 2006).

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Crops (the crop number is painted on the side of the pot so as to show up well in pictures)

132-1) potted into one gallon 6/05. Damaged by mice winter of 2005-2006 14 left that I am potting into three gallon 4/15/06. Many of those damaged have recovered by sending up new growth from the roots. Some plants have been repotted into 7 gallons in June 2006.

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