Crop 075 'Rhododendron nudiflorum, Rhododendron periclymenoides, Pinxterbloom Azalea, native deciduous azalea to the northeastern United States and Canada. (Zones 4 thru 8, 6 feet x 6 feet) fragrant flowers bloom in early to mid spring. Click picture for a larger version that can be saved as wallpaper or studied more closely for inventory information. We propagate and grow hundreds of own root plants every year. If you want to purchase contact me. 18:50

On the right is a picture of all the Rhododendron periclymenoides 'Pinxterbloom' (used to be R. nudiflorum) that we had for sale as of the date in the lower right hand corner of the picture (click the image for a larger version you can study more closely). As I take pictures in the nursery I add them first to my newsletter. Check the newsletter I am working on now at

growingcrop075small.jpg, propagat075small.jpg

Pinxterbloom seedlings

mailordertwentypinxtersmall.jpg, maypinxterbloomsmall.jpg

junepinxterbloomsmall.jpg, julypinxterbloomsmall.jpg

augustpinxterbloomsmall.jpg, septemberpinxterbloomsmall.jpg

Availability? Rhododendron Guide & Inventory. We grow plants to sell at our plant sale. Go to my growing page to see what we do and when we do it. Read my notes on the zone hardiness numbers I use. Do we do mail order? Check my picture-newsletter Want to purchase? email me.