Crop 082 (pictures of) 'Edward J Gardner' Lilac a Syringa vulgaris that blooms for several weeks in spring. Considered by many to be the best pink flowered lilac. Good fragrance too. pre 1950. Click picture for a larger version that can be saved as wallpaper or studied more closely for inventory information.

flowerpic082small.jpg, allpinklilacssmall.jpg

In spring I will group all the lilacs for sale by color and save pictures of them as either; allbluelilacs, allpinklilacs, allpurplelilacs or allwhitelilacs (if the picture is of something else I just set it up). I will turn their pots so its easy to see the variety name printed on the side of the pot with a paint pen. You can also refer to pictures of the lilacs flowering in the field at or Contact me and ask about availability. In Lilacgro I describe how we propagate, grow and sell retail at the plant sale and mail order.

Availability? Lilac Guide & Inventory. We grow plants to sell at our plant sale. Go to my growing page to see what we do and when we do it. Read my notes on the zone hardiness numbers I use. Do we do mail order? Check my picture-newsletter Want to purchase? email me.