Crop 107 'Mme De la Roche-Lambert', Moss Old Garden Rose introduced around 1851. (Zones 4 thru 10, 5 feet x 4 feet) propagated and grown on their own roots for retail sale at the flowering shrub farm in Voorheesville, NY 12186. Fragrant flowers bloom for several weeks late spring to early summer. Click picture for a larger version that can be saved as wallpaper or studied more closely for inventory information.

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Picture of Crop #107 'Mme de la Roche-Lambert' Moss Rose, zone4 or 5, 4 to 5 feet tall, DR-0/0, recurrent, pink-red, double, fragrance-ff, 1851, Hardy to zone 5 but some think its hardy to zone 4. mid summer flush of bloom followed by a continuous production of later flowers, Thomas seems to think it a hybrid of the Perpetual Damask Moss, good scent, .