Crop 030 (Pictures of) 'Harison's Yellow', Harrison's Yellow, Harrisons Yellow or Harisons Yellow (Persian foetida Rose x Scottish spinosissima Rose ) Hybrid Old Garden Rose zone 4 thru 9, 8'x8' double and semi-double yellow flowers bloom for several weeks in late spring to early summer, introduced by Harison in 1830. Click picture for a larger version that can be saved as wallpaper or studied more closely for inventory information. Want to purchase? Contact me.

The two pictures at the top should be of a closeup of the flower (top left) and a picture of cuttings (top right).

The picture of the cuttings will show several different possibilities including; a picture of a rose that has been stool layered in a 45 gallon pot as described near the bottom of the page.

1. not yet viable cuttings being pointed at with a pencil (cuttings have to be between the thickness of a pencil and the thickness of my small finger),

2. cuttings inserted in one gallon pots and placed in a zip lock bag,

3. if the cuttings root it will show a picture of plants growing from a one gallon pot (multiple cuttings in a single pot have to be divided).

4. If I send cuttings out to a greenhouse it will show many loose cuttings in a large plastic bag in a box being readied for shipment.

Additional pictures will probably be of the plants that we are taking cuttings from (or all the plants we have of this type grouped together).

Click the picture for a larger image that can be studied more closely or saved as wallpaper (if a different picture I will over-write with the inventory picture next spring). The date the picture was taken should be noted in a corner of the picture.

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We stool layer this rose (on left) by inserting a 7 gallon potted 'Harisons Yellow' into a 45 gallon pot and surround it with potting soil so that its insulated against heat and cold. I cut the plant back so that it forms this years growth near the soil line. When the new growth is as thick as a pencil I lightly wound the stem (so it shows light green) and treat the wounds with Rooting hormone, burying them in moist sand and finally covering with mulch so its easy to keep the sand moist. A year later I should be able to get 3 or 4 rooted cuttings when I dig down to the rim of the 7 gallon pot again. We are stool layering several of these plants so that I might be able to get as many as 9 rooted plants per year (sometimes). Picture on right showing a mature 'Harisons Yellow' perhaps a hundred years old in the Hilltowns of upstate New York. Want to purchase a rooted cutting? Contact me.

Fall foliage on left and Rose hip on right.

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Want to purchase? Contact me.