Crop 030 (Pictures of) 'Harison's Yellow', Harrison's Yellow, Harrisons Yellow or Harisons Yellow (Persian foetida Rose x Scottish spinosissima Rose ) Hybrid Old Garden Rose zone 4 thru 9, 8'x8' double and semi-double yellow flowers bloom for several weeks in late spring to early summer, introduced by Harison in 1830. Click picture for a larger version that can be saved as wallpaper or studied more closely for inventory information.

Pictures on the right and below should show our available roses of this variety or type (the variety name abreviated on the side of the pot with a paint pen) in 1 and 2 gallon pots (larger sizes may be available for pickup at the plant sale) as of the date in the corner. Click the picture for a larger image that can be studied more closely or saved as wallpaper (if a different picture I will over-write with the inventory picture next spring). You might want to reload this page in case your computer has it cached or check my ROSERAIE PAGE where I show how I propagate, grow and sell roses. One of these pictures shows cuttings taken from this variety in late summer (in plastic bags) and will be over-wtritten in spring to show how many rooted (with the bags removed). We stick 4 cuttings in each 1 gallon pot. Pictures saved as "stem" followed by the variety name are taken while looking for viable cuttings (thick as a pencil) pointing at potential cuttings with a pencil. We over-write inventory pictures frequently.

Picture on left showing a mature 'Harisons Yellow' perhaps a hundred years old in the Hilltowns of upstate New York.

infruit030small.jpg, stoollayeredharisonsyellowsmall.jpg

We stool layer this rose by inserting a 7 gallon potted 'Harisons Yellow' into a 45 gallon pot and surround it with potting soil so that its insulated against heat and cold. I cut the plant back so that it forms this years growth near the soil line. When the new growth is as thick as a pencil I lightly wound the stem (so uit shows light green) and treat the wounds with Rooting hormone, burying them in moist sand and finally covering with mulch so its easy to keep the sand moist. A year later I should be able to get 3 or 4 rooted cuttings when I dig down to the rim of the 7 gallon pot again. We are stool layering several of these plants so that I might be able to get as many as 9 rooted plants per year (sometimes).

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